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Physical Therapy Exercises Featured

Hi to all my PTE readers,

Great news! Again.

I just received an email to let me know that this blog is being featured on the "Get Physical Therapist Jobs" website.

I have copied the entire email here for you to read. Feel free to click through to the website if you wish. Yes I did put up a link in the Right sidebar under "Links" to also link back to the website.

Here is the email.

"Hello Gary,

I'm writing on behalf of Get Physical Therapist Jobs, a community for
Physical Therapist professionals. While doing some casual surfing I
came across your site, Physical Therapy Exercises, and I've decided
to add it to our resource section.

You can see it live on our site here:

Additionally we'll be highlighting it in our weekly
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One last thing - would you mind doing us a favor by
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To your success,

Jacob Peebles

P.S. If you aren't interested in linking back to our
site no problem! That's okay too."

Of course we do love it when we get featured on websites... Thanks :D

I will post again soon.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Top 50 Blogs on Sports Safety

Welcome to our sports safety readers,

This post has been reposted from the "Medical Laboratory Technician" blog with permission.

Take a minute and check out number 22 - Gary

The Top 50 Blogs on Sports Safety: "
Whether you have been an athlete for decades or are preparing your child for their first season, sports injuries are no doubt on your mind. Before, the only other sources of sports safety information were pricey doctors or the other soccer moms. However, with the rise of the internet and blogging, you can now get an expert opinion from someone who has experienced it, treats it, or just reports on sports safety.

To help keep you and your family protected, we have listed the top 50 blogs on sports safety below. They are full of tips on how to prevent injuries, treat them, get alternative views, or even just get last night’s score.

The Top Blogs on Sports Safety

These blogs make sports safety their main topic of concern.

1. CYA Protective Gear : This online sports gear seller also keeps an active sports safety medicine blog. Protection, injury, and prevention information are all shared. In addition to the latest news, you can also get tips for protecting specific body parts.

2. Xsports Protective Blog : This blog’s tagline is “shop smart, get protected, ride hard.” Its pages are full of suggestions and tips on just how to do that. Categories include extreme sports such as BMX, roller derby, and snowboarding.

3. Sports Injury Clinic : A group of bloggers take on the world of sports injury in this blog. Injuries discussed range from foot to head. There are also tips for rehabilitation, an injury forum, and even a way to find a clinic in your area.

4. Sports Injury Info : This blog is the spot to find new articles on sports injury info without having to search through the whole site. You can even use the blog to learn about sports safety topics such as anatomy, prevention, and much more. They also offer the opportunity to tell your sports safety story or send in your sports injury questions.

5. Doc for Jocks : This professional sports safety blogger is a physician at Arlington Foot and Ankle. He started the blog to share knowledge for athletes by an athlete. He also teaches skiing and soccer in between bike riding and running.

6. Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano : Dr. Dines is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and Dr. Rock is a foot specialist. The blog often focuses on sports safety topics such as shoulder pain and ACL tears. Professional athletes and their injuries are also a topic of focus.

7. The Disabled List : Learn how to keep yourself or a family member off of the disabled list with a visit to this blog. Popular content includes a treatment for bone bruises and how to treat a torn pectoral muscle. New content stopped a while ago, but the blog still offers relevant entries.

8. Running Injury Free : The blog gives tips and suggestions to the thousands of recreational runners, joggers, and walkers who aren’t overly concerned with how fast they can finish a race but who want to run without injury and enjoy it. Although new entries have slowed, the blogger has been running injury free for 38 years and shares how.

The Top Medicine Blogs on Sports Safety

These blogs take a look at the practice of sports medicine.

9. Sports Medicine : Elizabeth Quinn is an exercise physiologist and fitness consultant who has been writing about sports medicine, injuries and training techniques, and working with athletes for over a decade. Must reads on the blog include an A to Z of sports injuries and the top exercise mistakes. There are also loads of tips for sports parents.

10. Foundry Sports Medicine and Fitness : This sports medicine clinic is located in Rhode Island and offers tons of posts on orthopedics, physical therapy, and how to improve sports performance. Popular posts are on carpal tunnel syndrome and ergonomics 101. There is also an area for patients with other resources.

11. British Journal of Sports Medicine : This blog is part of a peer reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in sport and exercise medicine. In addition to updates for the association, there is also information on sports safety. The BMJ Group also offers related items.

12. Ask the Sports Doc : Dr. William Roberts is a professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School in St Paul. His blog answers runner’s and other athlete’s questions on health, injuries, and sports medicine. A reader recently sent in a question of whether it was possible to run a marathon on one kidney.

13. Dr. Gabe Mirkin : Get news and tips for your healthful lifestyle from sports medicine doctor, fitness guru, and long-time radio host Gabe Mirkin, M.D. His wife, nutritionist Diana Mirkin, also chimes in with tips for female athletes and more. Sugar is the topic of current discussion.

14. Mike Reinold : His blog is intended as a resource for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other rehabilitation specialists. Mike is an expert of current and advanced practices in orthopedic and sports medicine. One of the current entries is entitled “the 5 most stupid things I didn’t do early in my career.”

15. SMARTT : This blog features entries on Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy, and Technology. Visitors can browse the articles by topic of choice or newest. You can even submit your own article for publication.

The Top Specific Medicine Blogs on Sports Safety

Learn about a specific aspect of sports medicine with the help of the below blogs.

16. Golf Sports Medicine : Because your swing and sports safety go hand in hand, check out this blog. It is full of golf related problems, medicine, advice, and injury information. One of the current entries is how to keep back pain off the golf course.

17. Spine and Sports Medicine Blog : See how all sports involve the spine in some form or other. The blog has tags for every topic from acupuncture to tennis elbow. A recent entry was on women and musculoskeletal disorders.

18. Women’s Sports Medicine Blog : Peter Cavanagh holds the Endowed Chair in Women’s Sports Medicine and Lifetime Fitness at the University of Washington in Seattle. Check out his blog for the latest research that women in sports will want to know. The most recent include helmets for skiing and indoor cycling.

19. Ask the Running Doc : Dr. Lewis Maharam is one of many experts featured on the blogs at Runner’s World. Loads of professional sports tips are given for runners here. They include bunions, tips for the last mile, and why to stay away from caffeine.

20. Howard J. Luks : Dr. Luks specializes in sports injuries, arthritis, and fractures. You can also check out his blog for information on arthroscopy and joint replacement. Social media is also often a topic of discussion.

21. 98.6: Dr. Pribut’s Blog : He is a sports podiatrist who focuses primarily on running injuries. Dr. Pribut is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery and faculty member of the George Washington University Medical School. Tags are on loads of topics from Achilles to tips for the winter time.

22. Physical Therapy Exercises : Did you know that the right exercises are an essential part to sports safety? You will after a read of Gary Gray’s blog. He teaches how our bodies need physical exercise to stay healthy and recover from injury.

23. Physical Therapy : Similar to the above, this blog focuses on how exercise and sports combine to form a healthy lifestyle. Must reads include what to expect from physical therapy and how to prevent back pain. There are also resources such as a glossary, exercises, and special section for sports injuries.

24. Movement Science : Click here to get both a blog and podcast on the topic. The author is a board-certified orthopedic physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist. Blog topics can be on anything from the typical to rare topics such as eccentric training.

The Top Alternative Medicine Blogs on Sports Safety

See how a look at Eastern, Asian, and other areas offer a different spin on sports and traditional medicine.

25. Natural Sports Medicine Blog : Dr. Todd Narson is a chiropractic sports physician based in Miami, Florida. Visit his blog to learn about alternative and natural methods to treating sports medicine. A recent entry was on how over the counter pain killers can inhibit muscle growth.

26. World Acupuncture : Explore the art of acupuncture in the 21st century with the help of this blog. Alan also discusses his travel to Brisbane, Japan, and many others. The blog is currently doing a series on a Japanese Acupuncture Workshop.

27. Zen to Fitness : How can the art of Zen improve athletic ability and prevent sports injury? A visit to this blog can show you. Entries are on topics such as minimal training, superfoods, and more.

28. Yoga Wellness Blog : See how yoga can improve sports safety on this blog. A community explores various aspects of yoga from health living to expert poses. There is also a wellness diary, forum, and much more.

29. Brent Atwater : This alternative sports medicine blog focuses on energy healing and medical intuitive diagnostics. Brent is known as a “human MRI”and is also an author, speaker, and teacher. Learn more about her brand of alternative sports medicine by checking out her blog.

30. Brad Pilon : See how fasting can actually be a plus to alternative sports medicine here. Brad has been across the nation teaching many athletes how to “eat, stop, eat.” Learn more by checking out the blog.

31. Sports Nutrition : Hunter posts quick and easy tips to use nutrition in sports. Blog posts are on topics such as juice, milk, food dehydrators, and much more. He also often reviews popular sports nutrition items.

32. Manual Therapy and Physical Medicine : Learn more about manual therapy in this blog. Categories include chiropractic, manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, and many more. There are also sections on specific conditions and related sciences.

33. Alternative Medicine Blog : Cathy Wong features loads of alternative medicine tips for everyone. In a blog for, visitors can choose from items on supplements, treatments, and even advice by condition. A recent entry was on acupuncture and its benefits and costs.

34. The Daily PT : With literally thousands of athletes to train at once, how does the military do it? Check out this blog to find out. There are even special sections for army, air force, marines, and navy.

The Top Blogs on Sports Safety by an Athlete

See how these athletes practice sports safety by checking out their blogs.

35. Sports Fitness Hut : Mark Dilworth is a former NCAA Division I athlete and is not afraid to share loads of sport safety in his blog. In addition to blog entries and videos, he also offers a baseball power manual. There are also top tens in speed training, core training, and more.

36. A Trail Runner’s Blog : Scott Dunlap took up trail running and triathloning back in 2001 to get off the work treadmill and see a bit more of the outdoors. His blog contains interviews, research, original fiction, and all things trail running. Most popular posts include the runner’s high and how to make a toenail necklace.

37. The Marathon Virgin : Runner’s World contributor Ted Spiker is writing about his attempt to run his first marathon—and the wacky workouts he’ll sometimes use to get there. He is training for a 26 mile marathon and writes all about it. A good choice for beginning runners or marathoners.

38. Triathlon Training Blog : If the above is too soft for you, stop here. Carol shares her journey from couch potato to triathlete in this blog. She shares tips, advice on injury prevention, and much more.

39. Commonwealth Sports Medicine : Treatment for athletes by athletes is the focus of this blog. It also stands out for its international aspects and availability in different languages. Choose from sports such as cycling, football, or swimming to begin.

40. Powering Through : William Wayland has won a British weightlifting association leader award and lectures in sports science at the Colchester Institute. His blog focuses on strength and conditioning, health, fitness, and life. Daily life, tips, and things that interest him are all shared.

41. Melinda’s Fitness Blog : Melinda proves you don’t have to be a man to know or learn sports safety. Get both nutrition and weight training resources just for women in this blog. Popular entries include Jamie Eason’s workout, healthy apple recipes, and a lower back exercise.

42. Sports Training Blog : Various contributors write about ideas for athletes and coaches preparing for competition. Categories include the Olympics, kayaking, coaching, golf, and many others. They also feature the latest studies and reports on sports science.

43. Dr. Yessis Sports Training Blog : Dr. Michael Yessis is president of a company specializing in biomechanical/kinesiological analyses and specialized training for explosive speed and quickness. He is also an expert on Russian running and sports training methods and shares more on his blog. He also features tons of exercises for any kind of athlete.

44. Turbulence Training : Looking to lose weight as part of your search for sports safety? Then check out this blog for fat loss workout routines. Blog topics include workout tips, various workouts, and dieting information.

The Top News Blogs on Sports Safety

If you’ve had enough of the amateurs visit these blogs to get the latest headlines in sports, along with injury reports, sports safety news, and more.

45. ESPN : With several channels to fill, ESPN is a monster of sports related content. Visitors can choose which sports league they would like to learn about, in addition to the latest news. There are also sections for fantasy leagues, radio shows, commentary, and so much more.

46. : You don’t need a subscription to “Sports Illustrated”to enjoy the content here. Specialty sections include “extra mustard”and “fannation.” They also feature the top stories, along with truth and rumors on the homepage.

47. Bing Sports : Miss a highlight or other sports video? Then visit here to get the latest and most popular sports videos with a click. Bing also features loads of other videos in other categories.

48. Fox Sports : This network also strives to keep up with the latest in sports news. Visitors can choose from loads of sections from babes to rumors and many more. They also feature an excellent choice of professional sports writers and their columns.

49. Fanhouse : This sports news blog has the fan in mind. Choose from your favorite sport, video, fantasy, and more. They also offer Fanhouse TV with exclusive items.

50. Sports Central : Sports Central is one of the longest-running independent sports fan publication online, established in 1998. They specialize in “intelligent sports fan commentary, editorials, and colorful interpretation.” Visit to get the best of or add your own items.

If you have a specific sports question or injury, be sure and consult a licensed physician before following any of the advice read in the above top 50 blogs on sports safety.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beet juice helps brain health in older adults


This post is being reposted by Gary Gray, aka garydotgray for the bebefit of our readers.


Click the link below to read the entire article.

Beet juice helps brain health in older adults: "Nov. 05--Most people don't find beet juice to be particularly palatable. Indeed, its taste is often compared to dirt. But like a lot of food that doesn't taste very good, it packs a healthy punch, including lowering blood pressure. And researchers at Wake Forest University say that they have found another benefit-- increasing blood flow to the brains of older people. That's an important discovery because poor blood flow to the brain has been associated with dementia. The findings from the Wake Forest study, which were financed in part by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, can be"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Schedule

Welcome to our Island PTE readers,

This post has been reposted by Gary Gray aka garydotgray from Dr.  Robert S. Coull's blog. This is a departure from the standard PEI medical clinic procedure. It is refreshing  to see real changes being put in place to make accessing health care better for Islanders. Thank you Dr. Coull!

Only time will tell how this new schedule will be both accepted and effective for our  Island families of the 21st century.

New Schedule: "
Our new schedule is now up and running.
Rapid Access Clinic now open
We've moved the appointments around to reduce the waiting times. We've spaced out the medical appointments because they had the longest waits on the day, and we've started our Rapid Access Clinics for people who just need two or three minutes with the doctor. The Rapid Access Clinic runs weekdays from 10am till 11am.

Reduced waiting times
We trialled the new schedule last week, and on Friday (when most of the bumps had been ironed out!) the average waiting time for patients was down to 17 minutes. That's a great improvement from the average of around 1 hour that we had before we moved to the new premises, and the average of 35 minutes that we had with the old schedule. We continue to be able to offer appointments usually within a few days.

Our waiting times (both on the day, and for booking ahead) are displayed on our home page.

New opening hours - evening clinic on Thursdays
A couple of changes to hours as well. This is mainly due to the fact that we have had to postpone having a second doctor. The front desk will be open only from 10am until 2pm daily. We will also only be answering the phones between these hours.

We will now be offering appointments every weekday, but only between 10am and 2pm (except the Treatment Room Nurse who will remain open from 8.20am until 4pm). For patients who find it hard to take time off work, we will be starting an evening clinic running to 6pm on Thursdays from next month.

We're really pleased with this new schedule, and we hope it will make accessing care even easier for our patients.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Neroplacisticy - The Game Changer

Welcome to all of my readers who have suffered brain injury,

Dr Norman Doidge is a Canadian psychiatrist and reacher who has written a book. The name of his book is "The Brain That Changes Itself"  This book is a game changer in the realm of recovery from brain injury. Why? The main reason is because as Dr. Doidge tells us the thinking was over the past four centuries that the brain was a hard wired machine that could not be repaired after it had become damaged.

During his research Dr.. Doidge began hearing that science was learning  in fact the brain did have the ability to repair itself because of the ability to change. In fact the brain was changing every hour and day of our lives. This ability to adapt and change has been given the term Neroplacisticy. Brain Neroplacisticy is the basis from which persons who have suffered a traumatic brain injury can actually achieve an amazing degree of recovery from that injury.

To learn more about this fascinating topic we can read the book "The Brain That Changes Itself" available from as well as most book stores and your local library. Also Dr. David  Suzuki a well known Canadian host of the Canadian Broadcasting Company science documentary "The Nature Of Things" has produced two, one hour long documentries that help us to understand how the brain can be taught to heal itself.

Documentary 1 "The Brain That Changes Itself"

Documentary 2 "Changing Your Mind"

As a stroke survivor I have personally been using the brain teaching methods that are featured in these programs. I am happy to report that my brain  has responded positively over time to recover from the mental effects that had resulted from my stroke - Gary Gray

We are not sure how long these links to the videos will be available to access these two excellent documentaries. If you encounter a broken link please contact us so that we may attempt to find a fix for the problem. (just leave a comment on this post)

For anyone who has encountered Traumatic Brain Injury either personally or by a friend or family member we recommend this game changing information to see how the brain CAN learn, change and heal.

We would love to have you share any experiences that you may have had in this area of brain science. Thanks!

Till next post,


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Practice Nurses Tackling Obesity Epidemic

This post has been reposted by Gary Gray aka garydotgray from a blog post by Dr. Coull of Charlottetown, P.E.I. Canada

Practice Nurses Tackling Obesity Epidemic: "Canada is in the middle of a deadly obesity epidemic.

Fast food, slow death
(North America)
Healthy for life
Which life do you want future generations of Canadians to have?

Obesity is classed as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30. BMI is the ratio of your weight to your height.

The Pheonix Medical Practice computer system contains the height and weight of all of our patients who have been for their initial visit with our clinical team. Each night our computer re-calculates every patient's BMI and works out what percentage of our patients have a BMI over 30.

Today, the computer says 28% of patients at the Phoenix Medical Practice are classed as obese. In 1980 that figure would have been around 10%.

Obesity is a very serious medical condition.

Obesity is a killer. It puts a strain on your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and joints. Your risk of getting diabetes goes up with your weight. The Online Nursing Programs Obesity Overview suggests that "Obesity has become one of the most important public health issues facing not only the United States but also the world."

Condemning our children to a life of sickness and early death

Basically, your chances of being sick and dying young go up with your weight. As obesity rates rise, our children face a life of ill health and short lifespan unknown since the rise of modern medicine.

It's a nightmare that is unfolding so slowly that few are noticing it even happening. Combined with the body image problems of a size zero obsessed fashion industry, we have a society that has a terminal weight problem.

What can we do about it?

The solutions are actually quite simple in theory. We build roads that give priority to cyclists and walkers, we force the food industry to reduce hidden sugar and fat, and we tax sugary and fatty foods. Of course, none of these things are going to happen any time soon in a capitalist economic system addicted to unhealthy food and big cars. That's a discussion for you to have with your politicians. Dr Jenni Zelin is hard at work doing a great job pushing for more cycle lanes in PEI

In the mean time, our Practice Nursing Team will be following the WHO advice. The WHO is urging family physician teams to intervene with healthy eating and lifestyle advice. Our team of nurses are already doing that. They have lists of patients who are obese, and they will be working through the list calling them to offer them support and advice. Our Practice Nurses can run a very successful weight management program with these patients.

The WHO wants to see this introduced nationally. It thinks 40,000 Canadians will be saved if it is. We agree. Our team is already hard at work doing this.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living A Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions

Hi to all of our readers with chronic conditions

To day, I would like to introduce you to a program that I believe will help you develop  your coping skills to manage your chronic condition.

I am a stroke survivor: I struggle with fatigue and limited ability to do just the routine tasks of daily living.

You may be working through the challenges of  any number of chronic conditions.

I found this six week course a great help in dealing with the challenges of  Stroke.

Living A Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions is provided in many Prince Edward Island Communities with a small reregistration charge of only $10.00

Each training session is led by a trained health care professional along with a trained volunteer. They work as a team to provide the needed skills for participants to manage chronic conditions on a daily basis.

"Living a Healthy Life is a fun and practical program that helps people with ongoing health conditions overcome daily challenges and maintain active, fulfilling lives.  Throughout the program, people develop the skills they need to help themselves. They gain confidence and motivation to manage their health, and feel more positive about their lives."

To learn the skills to manage your chronic condition  click here

This same program is offered in many other provinces and states throughout North America. Try typing "living a healthy life" into a search engine such as Google to find one near you.

I will post again soon and in the meantime why not learn the skills to live healthy one day at a time.