Friday, January 21, 2011

Physical Therapy Exercises Featured

Hi to all my PTE readers,

Great news! Again.

I just received an email to let me know that this blog is being featured on the "Get Physical Therapist Jobs" website.

I have copied the entire email here for you to read. Feel free to click through to the website if you wish. Yes I did put up a link in the Right sidebar under "Links" to also link back to the website.

Here is the email.

"Hello Gary,

I'm writing on behalf of Get Physical Therapist Jobs, a community for
Physical Therapist professionals. While doing some casual surfing I
came across your site, Physical Therapy Exercises, and I've decided
to add it to our resource section.

You can see it live on our site here:

Additionally we'll be highlighting it in our weekly
newsletter going out on 01-24-11.

One last thing - would you mind doing us a favor by
linking back to our site? We'd really appreciate it
and it will help others like yourself more easily
find our community. You can use the following code
which should make it very easy:

Get Physical Therapist Jobs

Just place the above code on any page on your site
you feel is appropriate.

To your success,

Jacob Peebles

P.S. If you aren't interested in linking back to our
site no problem! That's okay too."

Of course we do love it when we get featured on websites... Thanks :D

I will post again soon.