Monday, November 16, 2009

HydroWorx Pools


This is a very interesting concept in pools. One would think there should be one in every seniors housing complex as well as in your local Physio facility. watch the video and check out the HydroWorx website.

I do not receive any compensation from HydroWorx and this is not a recommendation to buy the product. They sent me a link to their website and asked if I would link my blog to the site.

I must say that it looks very interesting as I have always been a supporter of water (aqua) therapy.

Smiles :o)


BHTV #22 – Olive Oil

BHTV #22 – Olive Oil: "

When people think of olive oil, they almost always think about the Mediterranean diet. That’s because olive oil is a key ingredient in many recipes from the Mediterranean region. However, because of it’s wonderful taste and amazing health benefits, olive oil is also growing in popularity outside the Mediterranean. That is no surprise because olive oil has a way of enriching and complimenting dishes, such as fish, pastas, meats, salads, soups and so forth. It really is a wonderful ingredient to add to almost any dish. So much so, that olive oil has become a staple in my household.

So, today I’m going to share the health benefits of olive oil that led me to fall in love with it and use it in so many of the dishes I prepare. I’ll also cover some important tips I learned in regards to choosing and storing olive oil. And of course, the show wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention a couple tasty ways that you can add a little more olive oil to your diet.

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References used while researching this show are WHfoods and Wikipedia.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Dec 29, Walking For Exercise: Why it Works and How to Get the Most Out of Your Walks

Dec 29, Walking For Exercise: Why it Works and How to Get the Most Out of Your Walks: "Walking for exercise is a great way to improve your physical fitness and to lose weight. Find out how to maximize the effectiveness of your walks here..."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Home Office Fitness: Sweetie Shoulder and Stomach Exercise

Home Office Fitness: Sweetie Shoulder and Stomach Exercise: "

Home Office Fitness CoupleThis is Scott Tousignant back with another home office fitness tip for you. Once again we’re putting a ‘Sweetie’ twist on it. Today I’ll be introducing you to the “Sweetie Shoulder and Stomach Combo”

This exercise packs a double whammy. You’ll be shaping and sculpting your shoulders as well as tightening your tummy muscles by working your abs.

Once again I would like you to perform this home office exercise once every hour to increase oxygen flow to your brain boosting your brain function, making you more attentive and less likely to become distracted.

Sweet Shoulder and Stomach Exercise

After you perform the Sweetie Shoulder and Stomach exercise take a moment to write something that you love about yourself. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge the greatness that you possess.

Do you love your humor, your quick wit, your outgoing personality, your appreciation for nature, the fact that you are a kick butt parent, your persistence, your values, your vision?

Do you love your butt, your arms, your eyes?

Do you love that you are patient, kind, caring?

You have the opportunity each hour after you perform the Sweetie Shoulder and abs exercise to celebrate yourself, your unique gifts, and the impact that you’ve had and are about to have on the world.

Home Office Fitness WomanThis is an especially important exercise for women who tend to put everyone elses needs ahead of their own.

It’s important that you make time for YOU! When you make yourself, your health, and your well-being, the top priority in your life everyone else wins.

Your clients win because you are more productive and are able to complete projects in less time. Your family wins because you have more energy to play with them and give them the best YOU that YOU can be. The world wins because you are living to your potential and sharing your greatness with them.

Combining this home office exercise with an act of kindness toward yourself will reinforce the positive decision that you are making by placing your health as the top priority in your life.

So tell me… what do you love about yourself? Please take a moment to share it with us as well as any thoughts or opinions that you have about the exercise and topic. Your comments mean a lot to me.

Don’t forget that each comment that you share this week will give you a chance of winning the Fat Loss Quickie home office fitness program.

You ROCK! Enjoy the experience,

Scott Tousignant

PS Have you been putting everyone elses needs ahead of your own? Are you ready to turn that around because you now recognize how everyone else will win when you make YOU and your health your top priority?

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