Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ron Gardner on XM/Sirius Radio

Hi everyone

I would like you to meet a fellow stroke survivor (Ron
Gardner) who has a mission to help other stroke survivors and their
families deal and recover from such a catastrophic event as stroke.

Ron is being interviewed this upcoming week on XM/Sirius Radio and
if you have access and are able to listen then here are the details from Ron.

"I will be a guest XM/Sirius radio the week of April 6th on
booktalk radio discussing my Take Brave Steps book. I wanted to
invite all my friends to listen. The schedule for "This Is Audible"
on both XM 163 & Sirius 117 simultaneously beginning the week of
April 6 is: Mon. - 8am, Wed. - 7pm, Thu. - 3pm, Fri. - 11pm, Sat. -
8pm and Sun. - 8am, all eastern times. Continued good health and
happiness. Ron"

My hope is to get to know Ron a little better over the next while
and maybe to work with him to further his goals as they are mine as well.

I encourage you to listen if you are able. (Ron will be sharing his story)

If you are not able to receive the live broadcasts Ron has also been interviewed in the past and
here is a link to some of those interviews.

More and more people are being plunged into unexpected catastrophic
events these days such as stroke and they and their families really need the help
of someone like Ron because he has the first hand experience as
well as the skill to apply and share his experience in a way that
can really help.

Here is an excerpt from Ron's book

Till next post,

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