Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Herbs For Colds And Flu

Herbs For Colds And Flu: "

The viruses are constantly changing as they spread, so just because someone has caught a cold that going around once, any immunity to that particular virus will be of little use if there is repeated infection. This is because the virus will have mutated into another form.

The herbal approach to treatment focuses on strengthening the body’s immune system, thus helping it to fight the virus, while relieving symptoms. Frequent colds can be a sign of a weakened immunity, they can also indicate a stressful lifestyle or poor diet, and medicine alone can’t help in these situations. Combating a cold at the first sign of symptoms is also important. Rather than trying to ignore the increasing catarrh and sore throat until the cold is full blown, start treatment immediately.

Echinacea is one of the best herbs to take to strengthen the immune system, also add plenty of garlic cloves in cooking. Anticatarrhals such as elderflower and yarrow can also ease symptoms. /cut down on refined carbohydrates ” white sugar and white flour products ” as these tend to encourage mucus, and eat plenty of fruit instead. Taking up to 5 g of vitamin C a day in divided doses can also help.


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