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Sleep Remedies – Tips in Reducing Night Sweats and Insomnia

Sleep Remedies – Tips in Reducing Night Sweats and Insomnia: "

Sleep Remedies

Hormonal fluctuations commonly related to menopause are the most routine instigates of insomnia and night sweats. Usually, the hypothalamus, that regulates heat in the body, do its job according with the obtainable temperature. Night sweats and insomnia but happen due to the fact that of the overproduction of heat of the hypothalamus. The decreasing level of estrogen that is connected with menopause, is responsible for the failure of the hypothalamus to regulate body heat, that’s why it perceives an increased temperature in the body.

A malfunctioning hypothalamus may also release chemicals that may lead to the dilation of the skin blood vessels for heat release. Night sweats and insomnia may go hand in hand with cold shivering. Night sweats and insomnia are difficult conditions that menopausal women face. But it becomes even more difficult if women don’t deal with it the right way. The best first thing to do is to know more about night sweats and insomnia so that they are better equipped with the knowledge on how to prevent or control and get help with night sweats and insomnia. The most important thing is to have good hormonal levels. Support your body and give it what it needs to have good hormonal levels. Learn how to have a healthy body. Follow an exercise program or a healthy diet.

A healthy nutrition and enough exercise may not be enough to control your hormones, but this is a good way to start. Not only do you need to have a healthy diet and a good work out program, you may also have to have hormonal imbalance treatment in the form of alternative medicines. Help for night sweats and insomnia may be given by a doctor. But here are some general tips to help you reduce the frequency of night sweats and insomnia: Have a diet that contains fruits and vegetables, grains, fiber and protein. You may also need to sleep in a cool room to avoid too much night sweats. Or if you have no air-conditioning unit, open up your window and use a fan. Before bedtime, take a cold shower first.

Not only will this help you with night sweats, this will also help you freshen up after a very busy day. Drink plenty of water each day and have a cold water ready on your bedside table. Support your body with natural supplements to help you control your hormones. Avoid coffee, sugar, hot soups, alcohol and spicy food. As much as possible, stop smoking. To cut down your stress level, exercise regularly. Engage in sports if you must! Not only will this help you boost your sleeping patterns, it will also help you stay fit and young. Being the most common symptom of menopause, night sweats and insomnia are very inconvenient and may add up to the emotional stress that a women is facing.

Because of night sweats and insomnia, many women wake up in the middle of the night because of bed sheets and pillows that are wet with sweat. A therapy called HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy can help lessen the episodes of night sweats and insomnia. Not all women are good candidates for HRT though. That’s why it is important for women with such sleeping disorders to consult a doctor to find help for night sweats and insomnia. There are many alternative ways to get help with these disorders. Women just have to discuss their symptoms and difficulties with an able doctor to begin treatment. Do your body a favour. Have a good sleep tonight! Download your Sleep Remedies eBook now!


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