Saturday, October 2, 2010

Neroplacisticy - The Game Changer

Welcome to all of my readers who have suffered brain injury,

Dr Norman Doidge is a Canadian psychiatrist and reacher who has written a book. The name of his book is "The Brain That Changes Itself"  This book is a game changer in the realm of recovery from brain injury. Why? The main reason is because as Dr. Doidge tells us the thinking was over the past four centuries that the brain was a hard wired machine that could not be repaired after it had become damaged.

During his research Dr.. Doidge began hearing that science was learning  in fact the brain did have the ability to repair itself because of the ability to change. In fact the brain was changing every hour and day of our lives. This ability to adapt and change has been given the term Neroplacisticy. Brain Neroplacisticy is the basis from which persons who have suffered a traumatic brain injury can actually achieve an amazing degree of recovery from that injury.

To learn more about this fascinating topic we can read the book "The Brain That Changes Itself" available from as well as most book stores and your local library. Also Dr. David  Suzuki a well known Canadian host of the Canadian Broadcasting Company science documentary "The Nature Of Things" has produced two, one hour long documentries that help us to understand how the brain can be taught to heal itself.

Documentary 1 "The Brain That Changes Itself"

Documentary 2 "Changing Your Mind"

As a stroke survivor I have personally been using the brain teaching methods that are featured in these programs. I am happy to report that my brain  has responded positively over time to recover from the mental effects that had resulted from my stroke - Gary Gray

We are not sure how long these links to the videos will be available to access these two excellent documentaries. If you encounter a broken link please contact us so that we may attempt to find a fix for the problem. (just leave a comment on this post)

For anyone who has encountered Traumatic Brain Injury either personally or by a friend or family member we recommend this game changing information to see how the brain CAN learn, change and heal.

We would love to have you share any experiences that you may have had in this area of brain science. Thanks!

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jypsy said...

Some discussion of the actual science as opposed to the CBC documentary makers' claims starting over here: (read upwards, not down, to follow the conversation)

garydotgray said...

Great! Thanks for your comment and the link. Great discussion and additional links there. Appreciate the supplemental content on the topic.