Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Change Your Attitude And You Change Everything!!!

Hi Everyone

How do you turn a negative attitude into a positive one?

Check out this Zig Ziglar video to inspire you to positiveness.

Change your attitude and you change everything. Sleep better, reduce stress, put a big smile on your face and you may not believe how much other people can change just by using this one simple technique.

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Contributing Author said...

I agree indeed. As it turns out, taking care of the mental realm is the key to all physical therapy: Nothing can be accomplished without a corresponding positive mentality. This video is great and I think it should elevate Mr. Zigler to be one of the health science masters since he's involved with the most important aspect of healing - the mental landscape.

Laura-Jane said...

Thanks for posting this Gary! I watched it, and he's a good speaker. Great insights. Love that punchline at the end. :)

garydotgray said...

Hay Laura-Jane

Thanks for looking...


kazari said...

That's a lovely video - thanks for posting it : )

garydotgray said...


Thanks for looking and your comment.

I found my way over to your "I think I have a recipe for that" blog. I would like to add it to my Google Reader feed.

Rock Climbing and recipes interesting combo.

Smiles :o)