Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lisa's Lessons to Making Goals That Work

Hello Everyone

Well here it is! New Year's Eve and we are about to embark on our journey through 2009.

Oops,"you gotta be kidding me!" you say. Where did the last eight years go? It seems like only yesterday that we were welcoming the New Millennium.

Did I set any real goals? Why am I still where I was then? I've just gotten another eight years older. My dreams are no closer now than they were then...How come? Every year I said that this is the year that I'm gonna do it, but it didn't happen, Why?

Well lets peek in on Lisa of SWBN as she makes "Goal's That Work" one of the better blog posts that I have read on the subject. She explains why setting goals is NOT the same as setting New Year's Resolutions.

K, Let's give a read to what Lisa has to say. Click Here to Read Lisa's Blog Post.

Welcome back, so now you know how to set your goals and change your life in one year.

Let's all make 2009 the year that we changed our lives for the better...Big Time!

Then keep making.....Goals That Work.

Til next post,

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