Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Open Letter!...To Whom It May Concern

Hello Everyone

This is an open invitation to anyone on the web who would like to participate in a marketing test.

The idea is to feature business by products and giving one of them away to one entrant that contributes some content by way of an experience or story relating to the product being featured.

An example might be: If the product were an ebook the entry might require the person to tell us about thier favourite ebook or ebooks. (this builds content)

This is an open letter, however I am limiting the number of participants to 26 (for this test) so if you wish to join in then don't hesitate. Let me know right away.

I must confess this is not my idea. My friend Laura-Jane has been doing this on her blog "Whimfield" for a number of weeks now. I have given her idea a slight twist to see if it will change the results.

This can be a very fun way to increase friends, learn and promote products and businesses all at the same time.

Now here is the letter...

My name is Gary and I have a fun web idea that I think would be of great benefit to your company..

Over the next year I would like to build a list of twenty six web sites that I could feature to my growing group of friends (over 300 now and getting bigger every day) I have chosen to invite your business to be featured.

At the same time I would like to continue to grow a much larger group of friends and have some fun while learning and sharing at the same time by giving away twenty six products. (one every two weeks)

To make this happen I will be using the very latest web 2.0 marketing tools. (yep the social sites like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Friend feed etc.)

These are very powerful tools and reach litterly millions of readers every day.

How can you be part of my "Fun And Featured" idea?

Simply contribute one of the twenty six products. It could be an electronic, or real product (your choice but the more value the better)

You give me the details of your business and the product and I add you to my list of to be featured sites (your own blog post and link love gives Search Engine ranking) and place your product details in the cue to be given away at the earliest available giveaway date.

Once the product has been given away I will provide the winner's information and you will ship the product to the winner.

Simple, easy and effective. Only the cost of your one product and shipping is your ticket to growing your business on the most effective marketing medium today. (Web 2.0)

I will continue to feature your business (every week, possibly for years) to my growing group of friends and the millions of web 2.0 users, using the very latest web 2.0 marketing tools. An example might be a blog post listing and linking the top 25, 50, 75 or 100 of my favorite all time products.

If you are interested in joining me in featuring your business in this way just respond/comment to this blog post with a statement of agreement, the details of your product to give away and your commitment to ship the product (once given away) to the winner. Also include your contact information. (email etc.)

As soon as I have a commitment from the first twenty six businesses to respond we will launch the project. (this could happen within the next thirty days)

If you have questions and /or require additional information please contact me at any of the following.

Gary Gray

2M5 RR3 Harmony Lane

Montague, P.E.I. Canada

C0A 1R0


Hash Tag: #FAF09

Twitter: garydotgray

Phone: 1 902 838-3261

Mobile: 1 902 940-0048

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