Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet Gabor Olah.......Private Label Rights Expert

Hi everyone

I ran accross one of Gabor's sites the other day and I have to say I was very impressed by the quality of content contained in his PLR products.

Gabor Olah is one of the most sought after Private Label Rights Goto Guys on the internet.

Click Here to go to his central site. You can start exploring from there.

This is what one blogger had to say about Gabor.

"you’re into writing, and find yourself with writer’s block, or if you need an E-Book that you can’t find, check out Gabor Olah’s site, Private Label Rights Downloads. Here’s what the little blurb says:

Get Instant Access to A HUGE, Ever-Growing Package of Hand-Picked,
Hard-to-Find QUALITY Private Label Rights Articles (9800+), PLR Ebooks (56+), PLR Videos,
PLR Audios, Software (Source Code Rights), Affiliate Minisites, Niche WordPress Themes and
Internet Marketing Training Videos (100+) For Free - Available For A Limited Time Only!)"

I have signed up to one of Gabor's lists and I have been receiving periodic e-mails from him.

So far his e-mails do not offend and actually offer more value than I have been receiving from some of the so called BIG names on the net.

I am in the proccess of working toward making Gabor one of my Net Friends and will definately be inviting him to be one of the twenty six Net Friends to feature in my "Fun And Featured 09" project. (more on that in a future post)

But for now here is a FREE package that Gabor sent to me today. This is an example of the quality that you can expect from him.

Check hin out at Gabor Olah dot com

This post is one in a series of posts that I am doing to introduce you to some Quality Net Friends that are joining my growing list of Friends and Followers.

This year only twenty six of these Friends and Followers will be selected to join in my "Fun And Featured 09" project.

If you wlould like to be one then let me know what you can bring to the table by leaving a comment....Thanks! ( remember quality content is the key along with real value)

Till next post,

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