Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Infrared Residential Heaters Will Change The Way Your Heat Your House

Infrared residential heaters will change the way your heat your house. This sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. In an era when energy prices are shooting through the roof, infrared residential heaters will offer you a way to cut your heating bill by 35% to 50%. And not only that, it will give you a safer, healthier and more comfortable heating solution.

The main benefit of infrared residential heaters is that they can reduce your heating bill by as much as half. You can already buy infrared residential heaters from us at low prices, but with this kind of savings, they are practically free! When your heating bill is that much less, the heaters will pay for themselves in a matter of months. Once they have paid themselves off, every heating bill will be like putting money in your pocket – which will be a nice change from what you are going through right now.

Not only do infrared residential heaters save you money, but they do a better job than conventional gas or electrical heaters. With infrared residential heaters, you will not experience the notoriously spotty heating produced by conventional heaters. Infrared residential heaters will heat your room evenly from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, without any cold pockets.

Infrared residential heaters also leave the air in your room better off than conventional heaters. Conventional heaters can leave the air in your room dry and harsh. Not only that, but they can push dangerous fumes into the air, and drive up carbon monoxide levels. And forced air-heating systems, such as wood stoves or kerosene space heaters, can actually force contaminants into your air. Infrared residential heaters do none of these things – they do not change carbon monoxide levels, and do not release any contaminants. All they do is heat your room evenly and efficiently.

Another great advantage that infrared residential heaters have is they are far more safe than conventional heating sources. Localized heat sources such as baseboards heat rooms by becoming extremely hot themselves. That means they can harm pets or children who accidentally come into contact with them, or even start house fires. Infrared residential heaters, however, do not heat up to dangerous levels. That means that you can rest easy knowing your family is safe and warm with infrared residential heaters.

Infrared residential heaters represent the future of home heating. But while the technology is advanced, it is available today. At, we are proud to offer you the Sun*Twin Quartz Infrared Portable Heater Technology. For an incredibly economical price, you can start heating your house with this amazing technology today. We offer two convenient sizes – the STW 750 for areas up to 400 sq. feet, and the STW 1500, for up to 1,000 sp. feet. And they are conveniently sized – small enough to fit into any room, but powerful enough to make sure it is warm.

We have so much faith in this technology all of our infrared residential heaters come with a 60-day money back guarantee! Do not continue paying high gas prices just to heat your home – you might as well try keeping warm by burning your money! There is a better way. Try out an infrared residential heater today and be amazed at how comfortable your home can be. With our guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Visit us today and start saving money.

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