Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pouring Rain and the Sun is Shining...

Are you familiar with the phrase "it never rains but it pours" yes, no, maybe? Well what I mean is this. I put my "Brain Rules" book on hold so that I could read the book "Midlife Man" and what do you think happens? The book "The Brain That Changes Itself" arrives at the library for me.

So since I have had this book on order for months and I really wanted to read it, I decided to fit it into my reading schedule as well. So to meet the challenge I will try to read two hours each day to get both books read in time for the library return date. Then I can go back to reading "Brain Rules" at the rate of one hour per day.

I am still getting two to three walks in a day. (about an hour each) and I get to mow grass again this week . (two hours on Friday) I already have a half day volunteer work and a full day of office work in so far this week. Today is my rest day. Tomorrow I have a road trip to Charlottetown (half a day) and on Saturday to Alberton. (a long day) Sounds like a busy week!

Heater update:

The guys have all picked up their heaters except one and he is picking it up this week. Everyone seems very happy with the quality of the heat provided and the fact that they are almost cool to the touch and are soooo quiet. The boys are now anxious to see just what the cost of electricity will be to run them. (reports from other users in our area tell us that the cost should run about 20 cents per hour or less. (by the way another coffee buddy just ordered two more heaters for his shop.... that makes ten now in the area and there are a few others just waiting to see how they preform before deciding to get one)

So even though it is raining books and heaters right now, all is good and the sun is still shining brightly here in paradise.

Till next post...Smiles :o)


p.s. Since all of the hoopla over the economic situation in the States (USA) over the past few days here is an article written by a friend of mine that you just may find interesting. "Economic Manifest" Wolfgang (Wolfie) is of Austrian decent and does put a very interesting spin on things. I hope that you enjoy reading what he has written.


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