Thursday, August 7, 2008

So How do I use my Google Reader?...

Welcome back

As I promised I wanted to help you learn to use Google Reader to speed up how you get information from the internet.

In the Common Craft video we learned how to turn the arrows around so that we get information coming to us rather that having to go look for it. (much more efficient)

So now lets look in on Ed Dale of Thirty Day Challenge to see a bit more about how to find the information that we wand and bring it to our computer from the World Wide Web. (there is a good reason why it is called the World Wide Web) Hugh amounts of content coming into our little computer from all around the world.

Lets watch Ed's first video on using Google Reader.

If you want to join the Thirty Day Challenge just Click Here to sign up.

Don't worry you don't have to because we will feature Ed's next video on managing your Google Reader on our very next post.

Till our next post.

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