Friday, August 8, 2008

How can I manage all of my RSS feeds?...

Welcome back

Well I trust that by now you have your Google Reader account set up and have subscribed to my "Physical Therapy Exercises" blog...Awesome!...

However if not then just review the videos in the previous posts and go get set up. (it only takes like ten minutes)

Now you may have done some surfing the Net and found some other blogs or news feeds that you have also subscribed to as well. So now (or at least sometime soon) you will ask How can I manage all of my RSS feeds?

I am so happy that you asked because again Ed Dale has produced a video that answers that very question.

Let's watch Ed's video to see how.

If you wish to sign up for the "Thirty Day Challenge" training then click here.

Hay you don't have to . These videos are here just to teach you to use Google Reader. (a very powerful internet tool)

Now you could continue to check back to the blog to see if there is anything new but that is so " old way" now you know a "new way" to have posts come to your Google Reader whenever one is posted.

So now it's time to start bringing to you all the latest and greatest on the topic of "Physical Therapy Exercises" and we will do just that in our next posts.

So if there is any particular type of exercise and/or application or you have a question or concern please make a comment as to what you would like to know or see.

If you would prefer to send me an email then my email address is in my profile on the Right. (just remember that emails are not private either, don't write anything that you wouldn't publish in the newspaper)

You can also follow me on Twitter

I hope you are all set up now and ready to receive new posts in your very own Google Reader.


Smiles :o)


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