Friday, August 22, 2008

Will You Need an Exercise Mat.... What Kind?

Shopping for exercise mats is not easy because there are so many options from which to choose. For example, there are mats for pilates, yoga, weightlifting, stretching and more. So which one is right for you?

Keep in mind that in addition to making workouts easier, exercise mats also make the process more comfortable. As a result, completing the various exercises becomes more enjoyable, thereby more effective. Each of the various exercise mats are made from different material and of different quality. You really want to buy an exercise mat that (a) fits your body well (b) provides ample support required by your body's pressure points during workout and (c) can be carried easily.

Generally, exercise mats are thin. While it might not seem like they would provide any support, if made from quality material, they do. Typically, exercise mats come in a number of choices to include classic, deluxe, cotton and chemical free, and others. When buying, you will have a choice of synthetic materials such as PVC or latex, as well as organic materials. However, some of the more popular types of exercise mats are a perfect blend of natural rubber and jute.

Since most people use exercise mats barefoot, it is important to choose the material that feels good when stepped on. If you are using a more comfortable exercise mat, you will be able to perform your exercises with the best posture possible. With this, you will get better workout results faster because you will be exercising more effectively.

Another consideration when shopping for exercise mats has to do with perspiration. Caution, because there are definitely some mats that become slippery which could result in you injuring yourself. Choosing the right exercise mat will eliminate this problem. You most definitely want to take all of the necessary steps to make your workouts as safe as possible. Most high quality exercise mats are designed and made with body movements in mind.

Therefore, whether you are a serious yoga or Pilate's instructor or someone who recently joined the local gym, it is important to choose exercise mats carefully. Essentially, keeping in mind your height and weight will help you select the right size. Then, make sure you buy the best quality mat you can afford, which will cut down on slippage while lasting you for years. Finally, if you have an interest in helping the environment, you can choose organic and go green.

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